Should I co-sleep with my child?

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A pediatrician will more than likely give the short answer, and this is ‘No.’ Parents tire of the crying, noise and their baby’s sadness to disappear. Parents often feel insecure or someone will judge them when sharing truths with their pediatrician who advises separate sleeping spaces.

Many parents feel if they continue, they need to hide it from their Gastonia NC pediatrician they are co-sleeping. The problem here is pediatricians want the best for families, and the best way for bonding to take place between babies and parents. They want to protect babies as best they can with the proven evidence and following guidelines and expert advice.

Co-sleeping out of frustration in Gastonia NC

Putting infants face up, so they lay on their back is a safe sleeping position. They prove this as useful in protecting babies. Guidelines may focus too little on risks from tired parents who cannot follow the advice that is given from a pediatrician.

The risks of sleeping together, especially when a tired, hardworking mother co-sleeps to avoid despair. Sleep experts claim that lack of sleep changes makes it riskier for a tired parent to co-sleep over one, which is better rested.

Scenarios of co-sleeping which can be harmful according to a pediatrician

However, maybe it’s not as clear as this because there are some co-sleeping scenarios, which are less risky than others are. Risk factors, which increase dangers of sleeping together, include premature babies, parents who drink excessive alcohol, smoke or use drugs. This can change their movement levels in bed.

There are many times when mother’s maternal instincts take over and she feels the need to bond with her child. Babies do sleep better when held, but in some cases, this can do more harm than good.

Gastonia NC pediatrics clinics help parents with sleeping arrangements

It can be hard for parents to adjust as much as it can be for babies to adjust to sleeping alone. This in itself frustrates many parents as much as waking throughout the night, but in the end, it can be safer and better for your child.

If you are unsure how to go about separating yourself from your child at night, it can be a good first step to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates. The professionals there are used to conversations of this kind and can put any parents mind at ease while going through all they need to know about the risks of co-sleeping.

While there are some benefits, the risks can outweigh these, so it is far better to speak to a friendly pediatrician who knows both sides of the argument. They will want the same for a child as much as the parents do, and that is to grow happy without facing any unnecessary risks. Contact your Gastonia Pediatrician at Gaston Pediatrics Associates, if you have any questions.