What happens when my child is diagnosed with diabetes?

A pediatrician in Gastonia NC does all they can for children, however, not every patient manages to have a successful conclusion. On occasions, there is bad news that parents can receive in the local pediatric clinic.

If your kid’s doctor delivers the news that your child is suffering from the onset of diabetes, it is vital that you have the full support of your local pediatric practice. One of the crucial things is the custom treatment plan for your child.

How does a pediatrician go about explaining diabetes?

While diabetes is not curable, recognizing and addressing childhood diabetes at the earliest possible stage is essential to maintaining a long, wholesome and healthy life for the child. This is one of the primary focuses when children visit Gastonia Pediatrics.

Diabetes has two different types: type 1 and type 2. Type 1, also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes, commonly appears during childhood. These autoimmune disorders arise because the body targets the pancreas to prevent it from producing insulin. The most common form of diabetes in grown-ups is type 2. It is also possible for children to develop type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, with increasing childhood obesity, many of our children’s doctors are also experiencing increases in type 2 diabetes. The pancreas of kids and teens with type 2 diabetes is producing insulin, yet their bodies do not respond adequately to it.

Diabetes symptoms a Gastonia NC kid’s doctor will see

A pediatrician will often explain to parents the symptoms they need to look out for, as some of these can appear to be another illness.

  • Sores and cuts which take time to heal or don’t heal correctly
  • Constant frequent urination
  • An increase in hunger and thirst
  • Increased fatigue
  • Blurry vision

While these are the more common, there are secondary symptoms parents may face.

  • Mood swings and children who are irritable
  • A sudden loss of weight
  • Tingling or numbness in the extremities

What are the treatments for Type 1 diabetes?

Unfortunately, a pediatrician will not be able to do anything for a cure with Type 1 diabetes, as there is no cure. Because a child’s body isn’t producing insulin, this leads to them requiring daily insulin injections.

Along with these injections, there will be the need for continual daily blood sugar checks. This is required to be sure their blood sugar levels are not dropping or spiking too quickly.

How to treat type 2 diabetes in Gastonia NC

When teens and children have type 2 diabetes, the body will be producing insulin, however, it won’t be responding to it in the way it should. Children will be required to take daily medication to keep their glucose levels set properly.

Your local pediatrician will state that there is a need for daily blood sugar monitoring because they need to see the medication they are administering is having the desired effect.

Where can I get help for my diabetic child in Gastonia NC?

Diabetes is one of those illnesses that never goes away, for this reason alone, it is vital to have a good pediatrician, as they will be with your child for many years.

To be sure, you are in the right place; you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and make an appointment. The staff are always available and can help with children who have any other ailments, or you need them around the clock for a sudden diabetic emergency.