Is your child feeling unwell?

A pediatrician located in Gastonia NC will have a dedicated staff that understands that most children will experience fever or other conditions at some time or another. Many children contract some diseases, regardless of whether they have been immunized or not. If you have concerns because your child is feeling unwell and you are not sure of the cause, here are some suggestions about what it may be and what you can do to protect your child’s health.

High fevers may mean a visit to your Gastonia NC pediatric practice

Dependent on the child’s age, a fever can be either damaging or hazardous. Kid’s doctors acknowledge it is not an illness, but fever is the symptom of illness. A virus or bacteria trigger these most frequently. It may also occasionally be caused by overheating. You may want to lightly touch a child’s forehead, and if it is warmer than expected, you could take his or her temperature with a thermometer. Temperatures over 100°F mean they have a fever.

The presence of a fever usually means the child’s body is trying to fight disease. Try to keep a constant temperature in the surroundings. Keep children rested and provide them with plenty of fluids. Bringing their temperature down shouldn’t take too long, if it does, call your local pediatrician.

Tonsillitis can mean a trip to the kid’s doctor

Tonsillitis is the result of infection. However, any number of bacteria could be responsible. On many occasions, strep may be the cause, which makes it virtually impossible to immunize against. Tonsils that are infected redden and swell. This makes it very hard for young children to swallow.

Whenever a child shows symptoms of tonsillitis a first time, you must be ready to transport them to the local Gastonia NC pediatric practice. Bacterial tonsillitis is most often treated with antibiotics. If a child has viral tonsillitis, this drug does not work efficiently. A child will consume a lot of fluids and soft foods to facilitate swallowing. In addition, the dishes they use should be washed and separated on their own.

Locating my local pediatric clinic in Gastonia NC

If you don’t already have a childcare provider, it is best to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates. They are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Whatever symptoms you are unsure about, it is worth taking your child to see your pediatrician, so you are sure there is nothing harmful that occurs. In any case, a call to the local pediatric practice can never hurt you, and pediatric specialists can reassure you.