Are you worried about your baby?

A pediatrician can expect to see parents quite a lot over the first few months of their child being born. However, the first few weeks and months after childbirth can be the scariest for any parent.

The first couple of weeks can be the worst, as certain conditions may begin to manifest. Some of these are better to be seen by the local kid’s doctor, although not everyone needs you to rush out of the door.

Read on for more information on some of the conditions you may experience in your child and cause you to dash off to Gastonia Pediatrics for assistance.

Blue babies in Gastonia NC

A blue baby is a common occurrence and can be scary. The hands and feet can turn blue, although this may not be a cause for concern. Once babies are back in the warm, they should return to a pink color. Also, the face, lips and tongue can change color, and it is when this happens, parents may panic.

This usually occurs when kids cry, and once they stop and rest, they do change back to pink. If your baby doesn’t change back or is blue for more periods than you think are safe, then it is better to take them to your local pediatric clinic in Gastonia NC, for a checkup with your pediatrician.

A Gastonia NC pediatrician commonly sees jaundice in babies

Some newborns have a yellowish look to their skin. This we know as jaundice and is because of the chemical bilirubin in the bloodstream. The reason for this being when the liver can’t remove this compound from the blood efficiently.

This condition is common; however, your local pediatrician will need to check the levels. If they think they are at an unsafe level, then they will want to begin treatment sooner because it can lead to complications.

Your baby finds it hard to breathe

Once your baby is born, it takes them a while to get their normal breathing pattern. From here, there ought to be no difficulties.

However, if your baby does show signs of struggling to breathe, it can be a blockage in the nasal passages. To begin with, you can get over the counter saline nasal drops. On occasion, other signs do require a trip to your pediatrician:

  • Grunting as your child breathes
  • The nostrils flare as your child breathes
  • Rapid breathing is over sixty breaths per minute. Babies do breathe faster than adults do.
  • Retractions are where babies suck in between each breath. This makes the ribs protrude.

Keeping a local Gastonia NC pediatric clinic on call

Parents do need to keep an eye on their newborns for the first few weeks. These symptoms above are just a few that can cause concern. Any parent should have the right pediatrician as a backup for these times.

To be sure you have around the clock assistance, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates. They can help you learn more about the conditions you may see as your child grows, and which ones parents need to have concern over.