Pediatrics tip: Please please please get your kids some flu shots

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Pediatrics experts recommend, or rather plead, that parents in Gastonia, NC arrange flu shots for themselves and their children if they have not already done so. For most parents and children, the flu never means more than a few days of inaction, discomfort and general unhappiness, but every once in a while it turns into something much, much worse.

In some cases, even flu shots may not be enough. In Mississippi recently, one child died of unusual complications from influenza even after getting shots. They do, however, considerably improve everyone’s chances. Getting flu shots yourself makes you less likely to give your own children the flu.

It’s a good idea to get some pediatrics tips on the warning signs that your child’s flu has become an emergency. Some of these signs are things that would normally inspire a visit to the emergency room anyway — coughing up blood, trouble breathing, high fever (above 103° for more than two hours) or convulsions from fever. If your child’s cough becomes more persistent or severe, or turns into a wheezing or barking sound, it’s probably time to take him or her to the hospital. You should also do this if your child is experiencing chest pain or pressure, shows signs of confusion or has a blue tinge to his or her lips and nails.

Dealing with less extreme cases of the flu

For less extreme cases, pediatrics experts recommend bed rest and plenty of fluids.Since there are likely to be both chills and fever, they also recommend you give your child layers of clothing and blankets that can be removed or added as needed. Wash your hands thoroughly after every interaction with your child.If your child is suffering from headaches or muscle aches, you can give him or her moderate doses of ibuprofen or acetaminophen, but not aspirin.

To repeat, it is never too late to get a flu shot until your child already has the flu. Pediatrics experts recommend anyone who can receive the flu vaccine do so, but especially children six months to four years old, along with anyone over 65, pregnant women and people with chronic conditions or weakened immune systems.

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