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If you’re worried about what’s going into your child’s food, your pediatrician may agree. A recent policy statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that many people in the medical community are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of food additives on children’s health and physical development. Many of the chemicals of greatest concern are not those added to the foods themselves. Bisphenols prevent corrosion in metal cans, while perchlorate, phthalates and perfluoroalkyl chemicals are used in the manufacture of food packaging.

All of these chemicals are suspected of affecting children’s hormone balance and increasing their risk of obesity, disrupting thyroid production and inhibiting iodine absorption. In addition, some artificial food colors are associated with increased ADHD symptoms. (These things are none too good for adults either, but their effects are more pronounced in children, who eat more as a percentage of their body weight and whose bodies are still developing.)

The foods that contain the highest amounts of these additives are processed meats and canned fruits and vegetables. Try to reduce the amount of these in your child’s diet, using fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Don’t put plastic containers in the microwave or plastic silverware in the dishwasher. When you buy food in Gastonia, NC, look at the package. If it’s plastic, it doesn’t say “biobased” or “greenware” and the recycling code is listed as 3, 6 or 7, it contains some of these chemicals you don’t want.

Securing children’s health without panic

The important thing is not to panic. The risk posed by these additives comes from consistent, habitual exposure over the course of years. If you can change your overall habits where buying food is concerned, you don’t need to worry about the occasional lapse.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are almost always a good idea anyway, and taste better than the canned versions. If you have trouble getting your children to eat vegetables of any sort, look for new ways to cook them that they might like better.

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