Are your children glued to the TV or cell phone screen?

Pediatricians recommend playing in Gastonia, NC
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Pediatricians recommend playing outdoors as soon as the picks up in Gastonia NC. Although this can be hard for parents to achieve, but, finding something that will entertain children can change their entire outlook on life.

Do you struggle to pry your child’s phone from them, or is it almost impossible to get them to venture outdoors to play? Read on, and Gastonia Pediatrics will explain why your children can benefit.

Children are curious, so make them curious about the Gastonia NC world around them

As soon as children begin to walk around and ask questions, their mind is on the go, and they can become nerve shattering with repeated questions. However, when they are online, they shut out every element of the outside world, and this is when parents consider a trip to a pediatric clinic.

One simple thing which can get children interested in nature, and how to be cautious of their impact on the world, is gardening. Children can grow to appreciate how plants grow, and if it is vegetables, they are super proud when they pick their veggies.

Pediatricians recommend playing as a family

Playing as a family does much more than form a bond. It creates communication that can be lost by inactivity for extended periods. This is why any kids doctor in Gastonia NC will tell parents to get children involved with as much as they can.

This is easier said than done, but parents can be sneaky and do things in reverse. Choosing a child’s favorite food can be the treat for being out with the family, and when this treat is only available on these times, children will associate family with their favorite burger.

Playtime is on the decrease in Gastonia NC

Gastonia Pediatric Associates like many other pediatric clinics are up to date with all the information in this field. It was found that between the early 80s and the late 90s, playtime in children decreased by 25%.

This is one of the main reasons pediatricians recommend playing for children. These numbers will only get worse, and no parent wants their child to continually visit a children’s clinic and end up as a statistic. Playtime means much more to children than having fun. It can be a way to improve both their motor skills and their interpersonal skills without any effort.

Gastonia NC Pediatricians are there to help all the family

If you have children and are finding it a struggle to get them away from their phones or computers, then help is at hand, and all it takes is for you to contact Gastonia Pediatrics Associates. The pros are ready to answer all your questions and will draw up a plan. You will quickly see why pediatricians recommend playing for children, and the best thing is, playing is free. Call Gastonia Pediatrics Associates today.