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November is National Diabetes Month, and your pediatrician recommends learning all you can about this condition. There are two types of diabetes, both of which can cause long-term injury to the eyes, kidneys and extremities, as well as ketoacidosis and an increased risk of coma, stroke or heart disease.

Managing diabetes in children, especially Type 1 diabetes, will mean learning to give insulin shots and pricking your child’s finger to test for blood glucose. You should also learn to manage your child’s sugar intake. All forms of diabetes can be managed with proper diet and exercise, and Type 2 diabetes can even be prevented. Your pediatrician can give you more advice.

Type 1 diabetes

In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas loses beta cells, which cause it to become unable to produce enough insulin. No one knows what causes Type 1 diabetes, or if there is any way to prevent it, but your pediatrician can diagnose it. Symptoms to watch out for include increased peeing, increased thirst and dry mouth. If children are tired, hungry and losing weight, this is also a warning sign. There’s a slightly increased risk of this form of diabetes if somebody else in the family already has it.

Type 1 diabetes used to be called “juvenile diabetes” because it was the only kind of diabetes to be found among children in Gastonia, NC. This, however, is no longer the case.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is caused by insulin resistance. The most common cause is obesity and excessive sugar in the diet. In addition to the other symptoms, you should watch for blurred vision, the appearance of sores and frequent infections. Your pediatrician can tell you if your child’s diet and habits are putting him or her at actual risk. If so, the good news is that this form of diabetes can be prevented, even in the stage known as prediabetes. The bad news is that whatever is causing the lifestyle problems that lead to diabetes will be in your way when you try to remedy the situation.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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