Pediatricians endorse family dinners

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Pediatricians recommend you try to eat together as a family as often as possible. People eat together as a family more often this time of year. There can be disagreements, and even arguments, and at worst it can be a little painful, but you do get a better sense of what your children are thinking and feeling. And sometimes eating together as a family feels as good as it really is. It helps you stay in touch with them, and teaches them table manners and other social skills that will serve them well elsewhere.

A large meal is better for your child’s diet than a series of snacks throughout the day. It leaves them feeling less hungry and helps them learn to be willing to wait for food. Full, well-nourished children have an easier time concentrating on their homework. A shared meal with multiple dishes, which you put time and effort into making, is more likely to be a balanced and nutritious meal than something that was just thrown together. And children may possibly behave a little better if they know they’ll be talking about how their day went over dinner. (We can hope.)

Arranging a family dinner

Most people in Gastonia, NC would probably agree with pediatricians on all this. We all tend to seethe old family dinner where everybody gathers around the table as sort of an ideal to aspire toward. The problem, for a lot of families, is making it happen on anything like a regular basis.

These days, you have to plan ahead to make this happen. First, make sure your children’s activities allow for a regular sit-down meal at the same time as you. Second, choose a time to shop for groceries. A lot of dishes can be prepared beforehand, refrigerated or frozen and reheated just before dinnertime. Other dishes can beput in a slow cooker in the morning and taken out in time for dinner. Pediatricians suggest you see if your older children are interested in the responsibility of helping you prepare the meal.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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