Pediatricians warn of winter and frostbite

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With winter in the air, pediatricians warn there is an increasing danger of frostbite. Keep an eye on this if your children play outside, if they have a history of trouble with blood circulation, or if you’ve had problems keeping your home warm. Especially when it comes to frostbite, the most dangerous cold weather isn’t the coldest weather or the snowiest weather, but the cold weather your child isn’t ready for. Always check the temperature in Gastonia, NC before sending your children outside. Have a thermometer mounted outside your window, somewhere out of the sun.

And be sure, when taking winter garments out of storage, to check every one of them for holes. Temperatures can fluctuate, and the day that starts out just cool enough may get much colder later on. (The fact that children grow fast enough that you may have to buy new winter gear is an advantage here.)

If there aren’t any holes in your children’s clothing, the first places to get hit by frostbite will be the fingers, toes, nose, cheeks and ears. In children with lighter skin, the affected areas turn red, then white, yellowish-gray or bluish. In children with darker skin, affected areas turn lighter, then turning bluish or gray. The skin may also feel numb, firm or rigid to the touch, or may start burning, tingling, itching or generally hurting. Your children are in the best position to notice this, so pediatricians recommend you teach them the symptoms.

In case of frostbite

When your children are outdoors in the cold, keep an eye on them or make sure someone else is doing so. If you or your child spots the first symptoms of frostbite, pediatricians recommend you not panic — it doesn’t do permanent harm unless it lasts a long time. The first thing to do is to get the child inside, or somewhere else warm. You may have to carry him or her, in case there’s frostbite on the feet.

When warming up the affected area, don’t use anything too hot. Moderately warm water and your own hands are enough to do the job. If the frostbite seems too severe for that, get the child to a hospital and ask your pediatrician for more advice.

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