Pediatricians provide treatment for jaundice

Pediatricians are very important in any health sector as they help provide treatment to young children. They help combat diseases in our cute little ones. One of the diseases pediatricians provide treatment against is jaundice.

Jaundice is a disease that is caused by the buildup of a chemical known as bilirubin in a child’s bloodstream. This unfortunate situation occurs when the immature liver of the child is yet to effectively remove the chemical, bilirubin from the blood.

This disease could be very dangerous to your little children, but fortunately, pediatricians are around to save the day. Children’s doctors help to provide treatment to children with this disease.

Mild and severe cases

Most cases of jaundice are usually mild, that is, there is a low level of bilirubin in the child’s bloodstream. However, it could also happen that the level of bilirubin is very high in the child’s bloodstream, this is a case of severe jaundice. A severe case of jaundice could be very dangerous to your child. If not treated properly, it could lead to damage to the child’s nervous system or brain. So you need to seek proper treatment for a child that has been diagnosed with jaundice.

How is it diagnosed?

An experienced child doctor can easily diagnose a child of jaundice based on the baby’s appearance. But irrespective of this, it is recommended that tests be carried out on the child to know the level of bilirubin in the blood, and to detect jaundice. There are different types of tests that could be conducted on a baby for this purpose, they include a laboratory test, physical test, and a skin test.

How to treat jaundice

The kind of treatment that would be administered to a child will depend on the severity of the case, that is, the level of bilirubin in the child’s blood.

In the case of a child with a mild case of jaundice, there may be no need for any special treatment as the disease often disappears on its own within 2-3 weeks.

On the other hand, in the case of a child with severe jaundice, the child may have to be admitted in the hospital, and treatments will be administered.

These are the different types of treatments that are administered to a child diagnosed with jaundice:

  • Intravenous immunoglobulin: This treatment involves the transfusion of an immunoglobulin through the veins, to reduce jaundice
  • Enhanced nutrition: For this treatment, the pediatrician recommends frequent feeding of the child to make sure the child receives adequate nutrition.
  • Light therapy: this involves placing the baby under a special lamp that emits light in the blue-green spectrum. The light emitted by the lamp will change the shape and structure of the bilirubin molecules and ensure they can be excreted as urine and stool.

Pediatricians in Gastonia NC help treat jaundice

Jaundice is a potentially dangerous disease to a child, especially if not treated well.  The scary thoughts of it causing damage to a child’s brain or nervous system should make one seek the best treatment for your child when jaundice is diagnosed.

Every year, Gastonia Pediatrics Associates treat children with jaundice. Our pediatricians provide optimal care when running tests to diagnose a child with this disease. They also provide the best treatment for jaundice.  Schedule an appointment with our pediatrician today to treat your jaundice in your child. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.