A guide to safe gear for babies

Pediatrician in Gastonia, NC

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If you’re shopping for a new baby, you have a lot of stuff to buy, and pediatricians have some advice on finding the safest gear in Gastonia, NC for carrying your baby around and giving him or her a little space at home. Be sure to keep all the documentation on whatever you buy, in case there’s a recall.


Choose the right stroller for your baby’s age. If your baby is a newborn, he or she needs to be able to lie flat. Look for a stroller with a five-point harness — that is, one that connects the waist belt, shoulder straps and a strap between the legs.


The key, when choosing a crib, is to make sure the side rails can’t move and the slats aren’t more than two and three-eights inches apart. The mattress should be nice and firm, and should fit the crib as closely as possible.


A carrier, like a stroller, needs straps to keep your baby from falling or crawling out. The head support should be padded, but firm. It needs to fit your baby and support his or her back.

Since the carrier goes on your back, it should make things easy on you as well as your baby. It should be easy to put on or take off, and should have pockets you can put things in that your baby can’t reach.


The little gates you put in doorways or the top of stairs should be used from the time your child is old enough to crawl until about age two. Pediatricians advise you not to use the old type of gates with diamond-shaped openings — they’re dangerous. The slats should be no farther apart than the slats of cribs.


The sides of a playpen should be at least twenty inches high. It should have a firm mattress at the bottom about an inch thick. The rails should automatically lock, and should be padded. The holes in the mesh should be no more than a quarter of an inch wide.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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