Pediatricians best understand the physiology of a child, and they can help treat the congenital anomaly of the hand in your child.

What is a congenital anomaly of the hand?

Congenital hand anomaly is a defect in the hand or arm that is present at birth. These abnormalities form early in babies during pregnancy. The following are common examples of this type of anomaly:

  • more or less than five fingers,
  • fusion of the bones of the fingers that do not bend or unfold,
  • fingers joined to each other,
  • too short or missing hand or arm bones.


The cause of birth defects of the hand is unknown. It is not known exactly why they occur. These anomalies are sometimes directly linked to a given syndrome or are related. Another thing is that they occur quite by chance, without explanation.

Congenital anomalies of the hand are rare. They are not caused by anything the mother did or failed to do during the pregnancy. Parents of a child with it usually do not give birth to other children with the same defect.

Treatment from pediatricians

Children with this kind of anomaly function perfectly well, often without intervention. Some of them may do better with corrective surgery or therapy or simply with the help of adaptation measures in their environment.

If your child does everything they want and is able to keep up with their friends, no treatment is necessary. Your child’s needs will be reassessed as he grows and acquires new interests.

The overarching goal of any treatment is to help children exercise as much independence as possible. If your child is having trouble doing what he wants because of a birth defect in his hand, treatment options may be right for him. Talk to your doctor about any difficulties your child is having.

Peradventure your child needs to be treated, here are some of the treatment procedures available, depending of the peculiarity of your child’s case.

  • Occupational therapy
  • Prostheses (artificial limbs)
  • Surgery

Help your child

Congenital hand defect, if not properly handled, could lead to a traumatizing experience for your child. You need to help your child by doing the following:

  • Prepare your child to deal with teasing
  • Prepare your child for school entry
  • Accept your child
  • Get support for you and your child

Contact Pediatricians in Gastonia NC

Many children suffer from congenital hand anomalies, and depending on the severity of the anomaly, form of treatment may differ. And in some cases, treatment may be unnecessary. This is quite rare, and the causes are yet to be ascertained. It can occur in a child independent of any causative act by the parents.

The most important thing a parent with a child with this condition has to do is to prepare the child for the stares and glares from strangers. This will go a long way in helping the child cope with the condition mentally.

Even though many cases of this condition do not require treatment, you may still need to visit the pediatrician to analyze the peculiarity of your child’s condition and determine the best treatment procedure, if treatment is needed. Contact  Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.