Pediatricians on children and SAD

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Pediatricians are aware that children get SAD. We don’t think of seasonal affective disorder as something that normally affects children, and, in fact, pediatricians say we don’t know that much about how many children it affects. Not only does it not usually set in until a person is in his or her twenties, but it can be hard to distinguish from normal childhood mood swings.

Winter is normally a time of ups and downs for children. For every day spent playing in the snow, there’s a day cooped up inside because of sleet or bitter cold. The first snow day is lots of fun — the fourth or fifth may be a little bit boring. Pediatricians recommend you keep an eye on your child’s mood.

Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder

Gastonia, NC is far enough south that SAD isn’t as much of a problem as it is in other places, but it does come up, especially in those who have a family history of depression. Pediatricians recommend you watch for signs of sadness, hopelessness, irritability or feelings of low self-worth. If your children don’t seem to be enjoying their usual activities, or if they get upset more easily than usual, this may be a symptom of SAD.

SAD also tends to result in low energy, especially in the morning, and trouble concentrating on schoolwork, although these are often seen in children in any case.People with SAD often want foods that make them feel good, especially foods high in sugar or carbohydrates. Here again, it can be hard to tell this from a child’s normal sweet tooth.

The best way to tell if your child has SAD is to see how long the poor feelings last. Two weeks with no sign of good cheer are a sign you should talk to your pediatrician.He or she might prescribe a light therapy box, a powerful lamp that mimics natural sunlight. In the meantime, try to make sure your child gets at least an hour of exercise and spends time in the sun every day.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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