PediatricPediatricians talk about introducing babies to new foods

Pediatricians know getting a new baby to try a new food can be tricky. Let a baby loose on the floor, and he or she will stick almost anything in his or her mouth. Put your baby in the high chair and try to feed him or her, and it’s a different story.

When is your baby ready for solid foods?

At what age is your baby ready for something that, while soft, isn’t liquid? The most important sign will come from the person closest to the problem. If you put a little bit of soft food in your baby’s mouth and your baby pushes it out with his or her tongue, it’s too soon. The oral muscles aren’t ready for the work. Wait a few more weeks. If your baby is starting to look interested in what other people are eating, this is a more encouraging sign.

Generally speaking, babies are ready when they’re four to six months old and weigh about twice their birth weight. Don’t start too early — babies who start eating solids too soon tend towards obesity later in life. Start with a little bit of iron-fortified cereal mixed with breast milk or formula, after a serving of regular milk or formula. Follow with puréed fruits, vegetables and meat. Introduce only one new fruit or vegetable at a time, in case one of them turns out to be allergenic.

Juice and cow’s milk

The trouble with most of the juices on the market in Gastonia, NC is that they’re mostly empty calories. They may have Vitamin C, but they don’t have the fully balanced nutrition your baby should get as often as possible. Juice should wait until about six months, and you should only serve it in a small cup at meal times.

In the case of cow’s milk, take the transition slowly. Your baby will continue to need the nutrients in breast milk or formula for the full first year. When you start with cow’s milk, be sure to use whole milk — your baby’s developing brain needs the fat.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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