PediatricianPediatrician say to not sweat the milestones

Pediatricians give advice to new parents to not worry too much about the developmental milestones. This advice is seldom followed. Parents seemingly cannot help fretting about them. At what age should they start walking? At what age should they start using words? At what age should they start speaking in complete sentences? At what age should they start using utensils?

The thing about developmental milestones is that they are averages. Some babies learn to walk faster than others, some learn to talk faster than others and very few are faster or slower at everything. Pediatricians agree that it does not matter if a baby hits a milestone a few months late, nor should you try too hard to get your baby to reach a milestone early. They are not racing every other baby in Gastonia, NC.

The first steps are the hardest

If your child seems to fall down a lot while taking his or her first steps, do not worry. According to pediatricians, toddlers fall down 38 times a day. Walking, after all, is basically falling forward, over and over again, and catching yourself with every step before you are at risk of hitting the ground. It takes a lot of practice to ingrain this in muscle memory.

The only time to worry about milestones is if a development such as speech comes late enough that it may be a sign of something wrong. You will need the advice of a good pediatrician to know if this is the case. If at the age of three months, your baby has trouble supporting his or her head, grasping objects, focusing on moving objects, smiling or reacting to loud noises, talk to your pediatrician. If at the age of one year, your baby is not crawling or standing even with support, you may also need to talk to a pediatrician. By eighteen months, your baby should be able to walk and speak at least six words.

Pediatricians in Gastonia, NC

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