Pediatricians can help you understand if weighted blankets are safe for kids

Gastonia’s top pediatrician insists on knowing if weighted blankets are safe for your kids before using them. The “next best thing” to aiding you or your child in unwinding and drifting off to sleep may be weighted blankets, according to posts on your social media page. A “wonder product” like this can seem quite alluring when you’re sleep deprived because sleep issues can affect the entire family.

So, what is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket, often known as a gravity blanket, does exactly what it says on the package. It’s a blanket with added weight that’s frequently used for kids with special needs. They are also well-liked by anxious people. The blankets have a “calming effect,” also known as “deep touch pressure.” In essence, this means that your youngster might find it simpler to unwind if they use a weighted blanket.

But there are a few things you need to be aware of before giving a weighted blanket to a member of your family.

  • NEVER use a weighted blanket on a baby under a year old. Always remember to follow the ABCs of healthy sleep if your child is under 1 year old: The infant should be in a non-smoking home, alone, in a crib, and on their back.
  • Many weighted blankets have not been evaluated to ensure they perform and are safe for children, despite the fact that there are some broad standards for how much they should weigh in relation to a person’s body weight.
  • Because weighted blankets are not regarded as durable medical equipment, the majority of insurance companies will not pay for their purchase.
  • From person to person, what functions as a sensory-based soothing method varies tremendously. Any product or activity marketed as a “wonder cure” for sleep problems should be avoided. Unless children have been thoroughly assessed, the American Occupational Therapy Association advises against sensory-based therapies.

Ask your primary care provider if a referral for an occupational therapy evaluation is suitable if your kid is struggling with self-regulation and you believe they would benefit from sensory-motor techniques. People who receive occupational therapy are assisted in engaging in fulfilling daily “occupations.” Children can be engaged in activities such as playing, eating, learning, and yes, even sleeping.

Practitioners of occupational therapy can evaluate your child’s sensory processing and integration abilities and give them personalized, active self-regulation tactics. An occupational therapist can create a strategy to address sleep issues as well as other everyday tasks that are significant to your kid and family.

Hire Gastonia’s top pediatrician

Although weighted blanket use is highly promoted on social media, you need to use them cautiously. Consult with Gastonia’s top pediatrician if you are unsure about what to do. Your pediatrician can help you understand if your kid needs a weighted blanket. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.