A pediatrician in Gastonia NC will tell you that joint pain is a common complaint among children, and it usually does not signal the presence of anything serious. Usually, a good night’s sleep or a few Tylenol tablets will take care of the problem completely. A more severe issue may be indicated if your child’s discomfort, swelling, or sensitivity to the touch persists for many days or weeks. A visit with a pediatrician in the Gaston County area will assist you in determining whether your child’s discomfort requires medical care.

What is the source of joint discomfort in children?

Pediatricians say growing pains are one of the most frequent causes of joint discomfort in children of all ages. They occur most often in children between the ages of three and nine, and they impact some children more severely than others, depending on their circumstances. Some of them may be so severe that they cause sleep interruptions.

Acute and overuse injuries are another frequent source of joint discomfort in children, particularly in the knees and ankles. Overuse injuries in sporty children, which occur because of repeatedly performing the same action, have grown increasingly frequent as young sports have gotten more specialized in recent years. An autoimmune disease, in which the immune system erroneously targets healthy tissue and cells, is a far less common cause of joint pain than other types of pain.

What are the signs and symptoms of pediatric joint pain?

Joint pains are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • A throbbing or aching sensation typically occurs in the thighs, legs, and back of the knees.
  • Growing pains are less common in the arms than in the legs.
  • Pains that come and go (not occurring every day)
  • Itching and burning throughout the night that decreases during the day
  • Both of my legs are hurting at the same time.

Among the signs and symptoms of a more severe illness are:

  • Pain or stiffness.
  • Swelling, soreness, or redness in the joints are all possible symptoms.
  • A rash on the joints is accompanied by joint discomfort.

Best Pediatrician in Gastonia

Your top Gastonia pediatrician advises that if your child’s joint discomfort is caused by an accident, take them to the doctor as soon as possible. The reason for your kid’s discomfort will be determined by a doctor, who will evaluate your child and do necessary blood, urine, and imaging tests. We are here to help.

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