A pediatrician in the Gastonia NC area understands that during the course of children’s development, they go through fast physical, emotional, and behavioral changes. The medical requirements of children and adolescents are distinct from those of adults, and physicians who mainly treat adults may not be qualified to meet those needs.

What is the job of a Gastonia pediatrician?

A pediatrician may choose to specialize and treat specific medical problems or age groups. Pediatric care may begin even before conception and continue throughout the whole pregnancy process. Physical and mental changes occur at a fast rate in children as they develop. Pediatricians are aware of this fact and evaluate a child’s health condition in accordance with the typical ranges for his or her age and developmental stage.

Types of pediatricians

Pediatricians are usually employed as primary care doctors. This kind of doctor is responsible for providing regular health and wellness examinations to children and their families. Aside from that, they may administer vaccines, diagnose, and treat a broad variety of general health problems, and provide proper health advice to children and adolescents as well as their parents or caregivers. Many other doctors are trained to handle a variety of medical problems or a particular age group. For instance, the following are examples of pediatric subspecialties:

  • Adolescent medicine experts who specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents between the ages of 11 and 21.
  • Severe care pediatricians who work with a team of healthcare experts to treat children who are in unstable or critical health conditions.
  • Pediatricians that specialize in developmental-behavioral pediatrics. They assess and treat children and adolescents with behavioral problems. Specialized practitioners in this area are responsible for diagnosing and treating children and adolescents who are experiencing developmental, learning, or behavioral difficulties.
  • The training, experience, and abilities acquired by child abuse doctors are essential in determining whether a child has been the victim of abuse or neglect.
  • The specialty of pediatric oncology involves the diagnosis and treatment of various forms of cancer in children.
  • The specialty of pediatric cardiology involves the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of cardiac problems in children and adolescents. When it comes to determining the appropriate treatment methods, many pediatric cardiologists collaborate with pediatric cardiac surgeons.

As a parent, it is your duty to provide your child with the best possible pediatricians available.

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