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Pediatrician in Gastonia talks to the grandparents

If you are a grandparent, congratulations, and make sure you know who your pediatrician is. Grandparents are getting more and more involved in the raising of their grandchildren, for many reasons both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate reasons include not only increasing longevity of the elderly, but also their improving mobility and health. Unfortunate reasons include economic problems and opioid addiction among the younger generation.

A lot has been learned about child safety since you raised your own children. Start by taking care of yourself. This means getting your flu shot. This is especially important because children socialize with many other children in their playgroup, which gives them many chances to contract the flu.

If your children are young enough and will be riding with you, pediatricians recommend you have child safety seats on hand for your vehicle, or borrow them from your children. If your house is older, it may have been painted with lead paint. Wipe down all walls and windowsills in your home with a wet cloth, and make sure the paint is not starting to chip. Get rid of any baby furniture old enough to have been painted with lead paint, and check to make sure any toys you give them are right for their age group.

Information you should have

In addition to 911, you need to know how to contact the parents, the pediatrician who cares for your grandchildren, and Poison Control. (The number for Poison Control is 1-800-222-1222.)If your grandchildren take any medicines, or have any medical allergies, you should make a point of learning what they are.

Internet safety

If your grandchildren are a little older, they will almost certainly want to go online while they are at your home. See if your Internet service provider is offering parental-control software that will limit the sites they can access. If your children have not already taught your grandchildren the basics of Internet safety — keeping your identity safe, never clicking on pop-up ads, and so on — you should do so.

A pediatrician’s office in Gastonia, NC

If you need to find a pediatrician in the area, the best time to look for one is when you do not need to worry about a sick child and you can afford to take the time to find the best. Gastonia Pediatric Associates is a pediatric clinic in a convenient location within the Charlotte area. It is one of the first medical practices for children in this area, and is owned and directed by its own physicians. It offers medical advice for parents 24 hours a day, and has provided personalized service to three generations of families. Its staff includes three physicians and three nursing staff. If you need a pediatrician, contact Gastonia Pediatrics today.