Pediatrician advice on how to potty train your toddler

A pediatrician is a baby or child’s doctor. They understand babies better and can seamlessly advise you as a parent on what age is best to start training your toddler on how to use a potty.

Parents play an important role in toilet training. Parents should provide their children with motivation, direction, and reinforcement. Therefore, you need to make out time for them and have patience with the toilet training process. You can encourage your child to be independent and allow him/her child to master each step at his or her own pace.

When to begin toilet training your child?

Pediatricians say that there is no right age to toilet train a kid. The readiness to begin toilet training depends on the individual child. In general, starting before age 2 is not recommended. Your child’s readiness skills and physical development will occur between 18 months and 2.5 years. Your child will show signs that he or she is developmentally ready. The readiness signs that you might notice include:

  • Your kid will/can imitate your behavior;
  • Your kid starts to put things where they belong;
  • Your kid will demonstrate independence by saying “no.”
  • Your child will walk and is ready to sit down;
  • Your kid can express interest in toilet training (i.e. following you to the bathroom)
  • Your kid will indicate when he or she is “going” to urinating or defecating and then when he needs to “go.”
  • Your kid can pull clothes up and down (on and off).

Each time you are training your child, make sure you take note of his/her temperament. Pediatricians say that encouraging your child can be of great help during training. Also, try to reassure him or her at each step. Also, work with your kid’s attention span. Try to distract him or her to comfortably stay on the potty chair. For example, reading a story may help keep him or her interested.

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