Pediatricians emphasize the need for good sleep for healthy kids

The best-rated pediatrician in Gastonia is focused on your child’s best health. One of the factors that contribute to great toddler health is good sleep.

Getting children to sleep can be quite challenging, with most being active more at night than during the day. The best solution is to introduce your child to a bedtime routine early in their lives. A great bedtime routine will also lessen your burden of having to watch over them until they go to sleep.

Establishing a routine with your child might seem easy, but it isn’t; the whole process requires patience. This article offers some tips that can help improve the bedtime for your child and get the routine working in no time.

Limit the screen time

With the age of technology, there is much content that can leave children glued to screens for hours. TVs, phones, and computers are a huge deterrent to sleep since they keep the brain awake.

Limiting the screentime can help ready your child for sleep. You can create device zones such as the sitting room and limit them in the bedroom to get them to fall asleep easily.

Prepare for bed

There are various techniques you can use to prepare adequately for bed, including:

Bathing – warm and soothing baths are ideal for tuning the mind to sleep. The environment releases calming endorphins into the child’s brain, allowing for relaxation and sleep.

Brushing – Brushing after eating is an important task when preparing for bed. It prepares your child for bed and also improves their oral health.

Bedtime stories or books – bedtime stories are popular and should help your child prepare for bed. They are a perfect substitute to screen time since they entertain your child’s mind and help them doze off.

Make sure the child is comfy enough

Getting your child in the right sleeping attire can help boost their comfort when sleeping. The same goes for the mattress and blankets, which help soothe your child to sleep. Making the child comfortable improves the quality of naps and makes them fall asleep faster.

Talk through the process to offer reassurance

The most important part to stimulate a child is their memory. Part of the bedtime routine exists due to them remembering it. You should talk them through the process to make it effective. Start talking about the sequence of events during dinner to introduce some form of independence.

Find the best pediatrician in Gastonia

Practice makes perfect with any routine, so be patient with your child as they learn. Consult with your top-ranked pediatrician in Gastonia if anything is a miss.

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