Pediatricians recommend preparing the child for other siblings to ease their reaction

A pediatrician in Gastonia recommends preparing your child for any changes occurring in the home. Changes are drastic, and it is common for children to take time to adjust.

Having a sibling is one such change that you have to prepare them for. It can be confusing for your toddler when they have been alone and now need to accommodate a new baby. In addition, different children of varying ages react differently to the news of having a brother or sister, so it is important to prepare them.

Here are some tips and tricks you can use when preparing your child to become a sibling.

Gradually introduce them to things about new babies

News about a new baby can be exciting for most kids, but those might feel like it will be a disadvantage. Children demand attention, so, normally, some might feel jealous. Introducing the child to things about a new baby can help tame their reaction and create familiarity with the subject.

You can read books about babies or watch programs about how to hold or care for toddlers. Cartoons about siblings can open their world up to wanting the child, making the reception easier.

Make them part throughout the pregnancy or adoption

The last thing any child would want is to feel left out, and planning for the arrival of the new baby should not be an exception. After you have prepared them mentally about the new child, you should also include them in news sharing. Be honest about friendly details of your pregnancy and when you expect the child to come.

You can also let your child pick out nursery items like clothes and toys. Also, go through pictures and videos of them when they were babies to remind them of the journey.

Be reassuring

As the older child, they will still need attention, especially when they have not completed potty training or started school. This transition can be unsettling for them, so you need to assure them they will not be left out. Use words like “The baby brings more love for everyone in the family.”

Reassurance can help children so attached to you not to feel threatened by the new baby. Speak to them about the advantages of being an older child and their role in taking care of the baby.

The most experienced pediatrician in Gastonia NC for your child

Welcoming a new child to your home can be a huge joy, but you also need to involve your older children. The above recommendations from the most experienced pediatrician in Gastonia help make your child ready to become a sibling.

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