Your pediatrician helps you keep your children safe in the summer heat

The top pediatrician in Gastonia NC wishes you all the best while having fun now that the kids are on holiday. Summer holidays mean one thing; outdoor fun and adventure.

While it may be a good thing to enjoy the holiday, the summer heat can prove a huge problem. Most kids suffer heat exhaustion in the summer which they must be shielded against. Some signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • Overall body weakness
  • Higher than normal body temperature
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargy
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased sweating accompanied by thirst

As a parent, you need to find the right balance to make sure your kids have fun but also remain safe. Here are some tips to help children remain safe in the summer.

Make sure they have adequate protection from the sun

Children should also use sunscreen; it’s not just for grownups. The chance of skin cancer in your child’s future can grow with only one sunburn. It’s crucial that you instruct children to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater for this reason.

It’s crucial to generously apply it to their body and face around 30 minutes before being outside. They must reapply as soon as they move out of the way or start to perspire if they’re going to be playing or swimming outside.

Keep an eye out for them while in the pool

Spending a lot of time in or near the water during the summer is common. While having fun in the water is great for kids, it’s also crucial that they adopt good water safety practices to avoid accidents like drowning. Even if there is a lifeguard on duty, make sure to check on your child. If your child has never taken a swim lesson before, you might want to sign them up for one so they can improve their swimming abilities.

Avoid bug bites

Along with shielding your child from the sun’s damaging rays, you should also keep them safe from outdoor pests like mosquitoes that could bite them. Use insect repellant before letting your kids outside. Today’s market offers a variety of insect repellent products, some of which are manufactured with natural chemicals that are suitable for people of all ages. If you are not sure about which insect repellent works for your child, see their pediatrician.

Stay hydrated

The summer heat will increase overall body heat, forcing you to sweat. Children may feel thirsty more than normal, but staying hydrated will help replace the water they lose and keep them cool.

Hire a top-rated pediatrician in Gastonia North Carolina

Summers can be filled with fun, but it is also important that you consider safety. Should you feel uncertain about anything, consult with the best-rated pediatrician in Gastonia.

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