Pediatrician in Gastonia NC tells you everything you should know about rubella

Pediatrician in Gastonia NC acknowledges that rubella may infect a fetus in the womb if the mother is infected with the virus because it can transmit to the infant through blood circulation. Since the fetus’s immune system is still growing, it is more susceptible to disease. Also, since the fetus cannot entirely cure itself of an infection, the rubivirus may cause congenital rubella syndrome, which can harm the developing organs of the infant, particularly during the first trimester.

Causes of rubella

Pregnant women who get rubella may pass it on to their unborn children, resulting in rubella syndrome. Rubella infection in the mother is less harmful to the fetus after the fourth month. But if you are unfortunate enough to birth a child with rubella, do not worry. There are still options.

How does rubella spread?

When a woman is pregnant, the rubivirus that causes rubella may be passed from her bloodstream to her unborn child.

How prevalent is rubella?

Congenital rubella syndrome is very rare since most people and children have been immunized against rubella. Congenital rubella syndrome affects fewer than five newborns per year.


Infants with congenital rubella syndrome may exhibit signs like problems with the heart, capillaries, glaucoma, and other vision issues, a lack of intellectual capacity, stunted growth, underweight, delay in development, disabilities in learning, deafness, diabetes, large spleen, skin blemishes, bleeding, and many more symptoms.

Prevention of rubella

Congenital rubella syndrome can’t be cured; thus, prevention is critical. A minimum of 28 days before getting pregnant, make an appointment with your Gastonia Pediatric Associate’s doctor to receive the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination. Do not take the rubella vaccination if you are already pregnant since it includes a live virus.

Why should you get a pediatrician in Gastonia NC?

A Pediatrician is a particularly educated medical practitioner who aids kids in managing physical, social, and emotional issues as early as the time they are born till when they become teens. If you have a pediatrician you work with, this doctor will have all your child’s history and medical records. That way, they are better positioned to tell you what works for the child with rubella and how to manage the situation appropriately. Visit Gastonia Pediatric Associates today to contact a pediatrician in Gastonia NC.

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