Pediatrician in Gastonia, NC- Dr. John Watts, Jr. Pediatrician in Gastonia, NC talks about giving your child medication

Your Pediatrician in Gastonia, NC would like you to be careful with over-the-counter meds. Inthe case of prescriptions, only your pediatrician can tell you exactly how the specific medicine should be administered and in what dose. As for the more common over-the-counter medicines, the first step in figuring out how to use them safely is deciding whether to use them at all. Many pediatricians recommend sticking with bed rest and fluids such as juice, broth and water for treating cases of colds or the flu. Congestion can be eased with a humidifier and saline drops. In fact, you should not give over-the-counter cough and cold medications to children under six years.

Before giving any medications to a child, of course, you must know exactly what it does, the recommended dosage and how long it should be given, how to give it, how to store it and what the side effects are. Be sure to invest in at least one set of measuring spoons. Better yet, get two sets, one of which uses metric units, in case the medicine you have to give is measured in those units. Ask your Gastonia, NC pediatrician about interactions with any other medicines your children might be taking.

The most common painkillers

Two of the most common non-prescription painkillers are acetaminophen (or paracetamol) and ibuprofen. In either case, chewables should not be given to a child younger than five because of the risk of choking. The first thing to do, in the case of acetaminophen, is make sure your child is not already taking acetaminophen, as this can be damaging to the liver in large doses. This medicine is administered in child-sized doses. Give one of these every four to six hours, but never more than five within 24 hours.

Ibuprofen should never be given to a child under two years of age without consulting with your pediatrician first. Again, make sure your child is not already taking this medicine in a different form. It should never be given more than four times in 24 hours.

Pediatrician in Gastonia, NC

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