Your pediatrician will help you protect your child with disabilities

Pediatrician in Gastonia understands the challenges that parents of children with disabilities go through since they have to take special care of them. Disaster planning can be difficult for parents of children with special needs and may require assistance in gathering resources on occasion. Every family should be prepared for crises and disasters, but families with disabled children may need to take extra precautions.

Children with disabilities rely on their parents, care providers, and school personnel to keep them safe during a disaster. It is crucial for you and your family to establish a reaction plan for times of crisis, so that your family knows how to react. Children and parents will both remain calm if you have a strategy in place for emergencies and know what to do.

Emergency types

Disasters and emergencies include:

  • Stormy Weather (including tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards)
  • Droughts and floods
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes

Children with special needs need more time to prepare for evacuation; it’s essential to have a second support person you can call for safe transportation or assistance. Connecting with the community early warning systems and regional and local disability registries, which are intended to notify families of people with disabilities about severe weather, is also crucial.

Have the right supplies ready

You should have additional supplies on hand while preparing for catastrophes and calamities. Families of disabled children could find it challenging to assemble these resources, and they would need assistance getting basic emergency necessities including food, water, medicine, and supplies. Make an effort to put together enough supplies to last at least three days. Think about the things that your family needs on a regular basis as power, water, food, and other supplies that might not be available. You should also ask your child’s doctor for more medication.

Place this kit in a location that is simple to get to. Make careful to replenish the kit with nonperishable foods, batteries, current paperwork, and extra medication every few months.

Implement an emergency response plan

If your home is endangered during an emergency or disaster, this meeting spot could be the grocery store on your block, a playground behind the neighborhood school, or a trusted neighbor’s home. This location should be designated while creating your family’s emergency response plan. A hospital with dependable energy and supplies might be a safe place for families of kids with impairments or kids with special needs.

One family member should be assigned to bring the travel emergency response kit once a meeting location has been determined. This person is in charge of gathering the kit and convening in the designated safe area.

Work with the best pediatrician in Gastonia NC

Evacuating with a child with disabilities can be a challenge, but following these tips can help make it easy. You should find the best pediatrician in Gastonia to enjoy the best results.

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