Pediatrician in Gastonia NC talk about childhood and adolescent TB

A pediatrician in Gastonia NC explains that approximately 9,000 new cases of tuberculosis are diagnosed in the United States each year (TB). A bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes the uncommon but widespread illness known as tuberculosis. However, it may also affect other sections of the body. There are still certain children and teenagers at a higher risk of contracting the illness, notwithstanding how uncommon it is now. Parents need to realize this.

Who is at risk of contracting tuberculosis (TB) and why?

Pediatricians explain that people who share homes with persons infected with tuberculosis or contact anybody who has the illness are at a greater risk.  If they are infected, some children have a very high chance of developing a life-threatening disease. Children under the age of four, as well as adolescents who have reached puberty, fall into this category. When children have HIV or are on medicine that weakens their immune system, they are at greater risk of infection.

TB signs and symptoms

A pediatrician in Gastonia NC explains that most children and adolescents who have been exposed to TB do not develop any symptoms. They are protected from further infection by their body’s immune system when the bacteria reach their lungs. Only positive blood or skin test can identify this symptomless illness. If your kid is infected but has no symptoms, you should still treat them. To prevent the infection from becoming a disease in the future, this is the best course of action. If left untreated, the illness may spread to other parts of the body in a tiny percentage of children and adolescents. Fever, exhaustion, irritability, a persistent cough, weakness, rapid breathing, night sweats, enlarged glands, loss of weight, and poor development are all possible side effects of this illness in children.

Tuberculosis treatment

A pediatrician in Gastonia NC usually identifies whether or not your kid has been infected with tuberculosis (TB) by X-raying the chest. TB germs may be found in your child’s cough or stomach if the X-ray shows that they are infected. Your child’s age, ability to swallow pills, and whether or not the medicine is given at home or the pediatrician’s office all factor into the choice of medication.

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