A pediatrician can help you control your child’s asthma symptoms

A pediatrician in Gastonia can help you control your child’s asthma. It can be rather frightening to witness your child cough, wheeze, or have difficulties breathing fully, but it’s important to know that your child’s pediatrician can create an individualized asthma treatment plan for them that will help them manage their symptoms. Your child’s pediatrician can give them the attention and care they require to live full, healthy lives free from the whims of their asthma symptoms.

How will the doctor handle your child’s asthma?

Have an action plan

Your kid’s pediatrician can offer you and your child the appropriate asthma management required to prevent lost school days, restless nights, and hospital visits. A unique action plan made especially for your child can be made by your pediatrician. This action plan is intended to assist you in giving your child’s symptoms more of a handle.

So that you are never uncertain about what to do when your child first experiences symptoms or if their symptoms worsen, this plan will provide detailed instructions on how to manage your child’s asthma and what to do when symptoms flare up.

Identifying triggers

When you take your kid to their asthma review or other appointments, it can be incredibly beneficial to know how their asthma has changed over time.

With your calendar and stickers for asthma symptoms, you can assist your child in monitoring their symptoms. For a while, some kids find it helpful to keep a peak flow journal, especially if they have begun a new medication or if their doctor or asthma nurse wishes to learn more about their triggers.

In addition to symptoms, a decrease in their peak flow score is a signal to seek additional assistance from their GP or asthma nurse.

Prescribe medication

The majority of the time, your children’s doctors will recommend two drugs to treat their asthma in childhood. Your child’s pediatrician will prescribe drugs and doses based on the intensity and frequency of your child’s symptoms. The two most widely prescribed asthma drugs are;

  • Every day, even if they feel well, your child will take a controlled substance. The risk of an attack is decreased thanks to this medication’s ability to prevent airway irritation.
  • Fast-acting drugs: Although controlled drugs can greatly lower airway inflammation and the risk of attacks, sometimes triggers such as activity or stress can still make your child’s asthma symptoms worse. Your child has to take this quick-acting medication as soon as you see the first signs of a flare-up to get rid of symptoms right away.

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