Pediatrician in Gastonia NC talks about baby croup

A Pediatrician in Gastonia NC explains that when your baby’s upper airways are irritated and swollen, it is known as croup. They’ll have a cough that sounds like a high-pitched seal or dog bark, and their breathing will be loud. Laryngotracheobronchitis is another name for the condition.

Causes of croup

The parainfluenza virus most often causes croup. In the autumn and early winter, croup is more frequent. The illness is very infectious during the first several days or until your child’s fever subsides. Viruses that infect the larynx (voice box) and windpipe may cause viral croup (the trachea). At first, the symptoms are modest, but they worsen with time. A variety of factors may cause croup-like coughs. It’s possible that your toddler inhaled anything as tiny as flour or powder.

Symptoms of croup

Croup may start as cold at first. The kid’s lower airways may produce a high-pitched wheezing sound when taking a breath. The worst symptoms occur at night. A rash, enlarged lymph nodes, and redness around your baby’s eyes are possible symptoms. You should contact your doctor or 911 if your kid has retractions or difficulty breathing when resting.

How your pediatric doctor can detect croup

Pediatric doctors in Gastonia NC explain that a doctor can determine whether your kid has croup just by looking at them and paying attention to their symptoms in most cases. To be sure, they may require further testing. The doctor who treats your kid could:

  • Watch their every breath.
  • Take a look at their trachea.
  • Ask if there have been any recent illnesses or respiratory issues.
  • Check their throat with an X-ray for any obstruction.
  • Observe their blood oxygen level.

Treatment for croup

Croup is usually a minor illness that may be treated easily at home. Coughing might be worsened by crying. Keep your youngster calm and soothed. Insist that they drink lots of water. Inhaling steam or a cold mist may alleviate their symptoms. Fever may be treated with over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen.

If you see that your child is getting worse, please rush them to your nearest Gastonia Pediatric Associates pediatrician in Gastonia NC. The doctor may prescribe a steroid dosage or a breathing medication to reduce swelling in the throat and keep the airway open if they need it.

Best pediatrician in Gastonia NC talk about baby croup

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