Your pediatrician is here for you. As a parent, you will probably be wondering if to call your pediatrician when your child is sick. Should I call my kid’s doctor? Whether your child has a tummy ache, fever, or cough, a time will come when you will need professional advice. Gastonia pediatric associates got something for you on when to make “the call.”  Pay attention to the following signs when you are trying to decide whether to call a pediatrician or not.

Fever – When to Call Your Pediatrician 

“Fever phobia” one of the most common things every parent passes through when their kid’s temperature rises. The tendency to get scared when your child is down with fever is normal, but always remember that fever isn’t bad. Fever is a response to some infection. When your baby gets an infection, the majority of the disease comes from viruses for which your baby’s temperature may go up so that it can be sufficient to fight the viral infection.

But there are times you should call your Gastonia, NC pediatrician, especially if your baby is under 2 or 3 months old. Because your baby has a less-mature immune system, and he/she might be fighting a severe infection like pneumonia or bacterial meningitis. There are also signs to look out for if your baby is older than three months. Check for symptoms like trouble walking, rash, diarrhea, trouble breathing, or vomiting.

Diarrhea or vomiting

If it’s a one-time thing, there is no need to worry, but if it becomes persistent, then you should call your pediatrician. Make sure you give your baby enough fluids to prevent dehydration. Also, call if your child shows signs of dehydration and can’t keep fluids down. Your kid’s doctor may order urine and blood tests or x-rays to make a diagnosis.

Colds, coughs, and other respiratory problems

Older children with cold may not need to see the doctor, but if he is having trouble with breathing, got a stuffy that lasted for more than ten days or has a cold that lasts more than a week, then you should see a doctor. Also, if his ear hurts, then you should call your children’s clinic. If your baby is three months or younger, you should contact your doctor since cold can quickly escalate into something more serious like pneumonia, croup, or bronchiolitis.


Most rashes, especially in toddlers, are not harmful and can care with appropriate treatment. But call your kid’s doctor if your child feels pain, doesn’t have the energy or the rash goes deep into the skin.

Pain while peeing

Contact your doctor if your child complains about this, especially with a girl. Your pediatrician may check out for any possible urine infection.

Pediatrician in Gastonia, NC

There are lots of valuable information you can get from your kid’s doctor when you visit the clinic or make a call. Contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates if you are looking for the best care for your child or seeking parenting advice. Gastonia associates offer extensive care for toddlers and children. Our office is always open to discuss your concern, conduct a test, and decide which treatment plan is best for your child.  Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.