Pediatric practicePediatric clinic advice on the talking milestones

Your pediatric clinic has advice on what to watch for when your baby is learning to talk. The thing to keep in mind is that babies work their way toward talking very, very slowly. As natural-born eavesdroppers, they learn to understand certain words and phrases long before they can produce the words themselves. One thing you can do to make this work for you is for you and someone else to put on little performances for your baby, in which one or the other person comes closer in response to “Could you come here, please?” or hands over an object in response to “May I have that, please?” followed by “Thank you.” This will help (a little) when your baby is old enough to start wandering off or grabbing things.

Before they can even begin to try to speak, they need to train their own lips and tongue to produce the sounds they’ve heard other people make. This is what babbling is all about, and it starts at around six or seven months. If your baby says “mama” or “dada” at this point, don’t get too excited — he or she is just working out how to make the “m,” “d” and “a” noises. Your baby should really start talking — saying words with knowledge of what they mean — some time before the end of the year.

How to encourage talking

Most of what pediatric clinics recommend you do to encourage your baby to talk is what you would normally do anyway — talk to your baby a lot, and pay attention to his or her gestures and noises. Encourage anything that even sounds like an attempt at mastering sounds — your baby is always making an effort. When your baby sounds like he or she is trying to say a specific word, say the word calmly and correctly.

Whenever you’re dressing, feeding or bathing your baby, tell him or her what you’re doing in simple words. And, of course, read to your baby at every opportunity. If it seems like things aren’t happening fast enough, check with your pediatric clinic.

A pediatric clinic in Gastonia, NC

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