Pediatric clinic advice on tree pollen allergies in children

According to pediatric clinics experts and other medical experts, March is the time of year when tree pollen allergies begin to become a problem in most parts of North America, including Gastonia, NC. Allergies usually manifest before the age of ten. They happen when the immune system mistakes a relatively harmless outside chemical for a threat and release histamine to fight it. Trees begin releasing pollen into the air in spring, some as early as February and some as late as May.

The symptoms of an allergen in the air include sneezing and nasal discharge, watery eyes and coughing. If your child develops a cold at around this time of year every year, it may be a sign of a tree pollen allergy, especially if nasal discharge is clear rather than thick and greenish. For the most part, this allergy is more likely to be unpleasant rather than dangerous, but in some children it can trigger an asthmatic reaction. Even when this is not the case, the symptoms can be difficult and persistent enough to interfere with schoolwork.

If your child is showing symptoms, your pediatric clinic can diagnose an allergy using a skin test. This involves placing or injecting a small quantity of the allergen in a purer form on the child’s skin and looking for a swelling.

Coping with tree pollen allergy

Your pediatric practice will have some advice on how to deal with tree pollen allergies. Unfortunately, the first piece of advice is not to go outside too much. You might want to put the air conditioner in the window a little early, so you can keep the windows closed while letting in some fresh air. Frequent showers, hand-washing and changes of clothes will also minimize your child’s exposure to the tree pollen he or she is going to pick up outdoors.

A mild tree pollen allergy can be treated with over-the-counter antihistamines, nasal decongestants and other treatments. In the case of a particularly severe and persistent allergy, your pediatric clinic may recommend therapy to desensitize the immune system using allergy shots.

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