How can you spot a mental health issue in children?

A pediatrician will be able to spot some signs a child has mental health issues, although this isn’t as clear as if a child has a cold. It will be changes in their behavior, loss of appetite and loss of weight, excessive anger or kids resort to drink or drugs to battle their anxieties.

If you have a child who has symptoms which are out of character, read on and hopefully the following information will be useful.

Key pediatrician tips for Gastonia NC parents and mental health issues

Be aware of your teen’s behavior: Adolescence is, in effect, a period of transition and change, but serious, sudden, or sudden changes in behaviors can be powerful indicators of grave mental health problems.

Maintain constant, open, and honest communication: Not only must your children know they can talk to you about anything, but you should commit to discussing topics of concern and addressing them openly. Discuss your own personal experiences and fears as a teen. Reassure your children that they are not on their own or their anxiety is unheard of.

Understand that behavioral and mental health disorders can be treatable: Find out about the most widespread mental health issues among teens; speak with your child’s pediatrician in Gastonia NC, your county health department, religious leaders, and school representatives on what information is accessible from them.

Warning signs Gastonia NC parents should look out for

There are some warning signs parents may notice in their children, which can be warning signs their child has or is leading up to a mental health issue. If you spot any of these, then you can speak privately with any pediatrician from Gastonia Pediatrics regarding the matter.

  • Changes in personality, such as aggression and exaggerated temper, which are markedly out of place and could be indicative of psychological, substance, or sexual problems.
  • A loss of self-esteem and confidence
  • Over-sleep, which could indicate depressions or substance abuse; trouble sleeping, sleepless nights, and other sleep disorders.
  • An unexpected and drastic decline in school performance
  • Weight reduction and a decrease in appetite, which could be an eating disorder
  • Withdrawal or lack of interests in favorite hobbies

Gastonia NC pediatric practice is there to help

A reliable pediatrician will be able to see if changes in a child are normal, or they are linked to a mental health issue. There are several which happen repeatedly because of the pressures children are under in society.

Drug abuse, eating disorders and depression are all closely linked together, and a child can be showing symptoms from each one in turn. To be sure, your child has the best treatment and analysis, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and your child’s doctor will be able to give the best advice on how they can be treated.

The staff are available around the clock in case of emergencies, because these mental health issues can in some cases require out of hours attention.