Should I speak to my child before they leave for summer camp?

A pediatrician will tell any parent that when a child first goes to summer camp, there needs to be a lot of communication in the preparation. It may be that it is the first time a child is way from home for any extent. This can be as daunting for them as it will be for any parent.

Kids become nervous or anxious when away from parents, and the thought of making new friends can pile on the pressure. Communications from parents can help put children at ease in these times. If you have a child who is heading off to camp for the first time, you can seek advice from your local kid’s doctor how to tackle some of the issues.

Shopping with your child in Gastonia NC

When you speak to a pediatrician, they will often say that most summer camps provide a list of things your child will require. Rather than do the shopping by yourself, one of the things to get your child in the mood is to take them on the shopping expedition.

There are things such as towels, sunscreen and new bathing suits. Once your child can help choose their items, it will ease the thought of them being away from home as they have a sense of pride and achievement they have been able to choose their own things.

A Gastonia NC pediatrician can explain how to make friends

A child’s doctor speaks to children every day, and in some instances, they can be speaking about emotional things rather than something physical. Because of this, they are experienced in being able to explain to children how they can make new friends.

Gastonia Pediatrics often recommend books that broach the subject, and can make the entire process easier for children to understand.

A pediatrician can show how to apply sunscreen and explain medication

Almost all activities at camp will be outside. For this reason, it is vital your child understands how to apply sunscreen. As parents, you may be able to explain, but your child’s pediatrician can explain in an easier to understand manner. They will also help them understand the dangers of no sunscreen, and what they need to look for if they don’t wear any.

Adding to this, a local kid’s doctor in Gastonia will explain to parents how they need to deal with any medication their child requires. The camp nurse usually takes care of this, but they may also have camp protocols in place to care for these medications.

One last visit to your Gastonia NC pediatric clinic

When your child is due to head off for the camp, there is nothing wrong with arranging one last check to make sure your child is fit and healthy. You can easily schedule in a quick checkup with your child’s pediatrician to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary.

About a week before your child is due to head off, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and they will be happy to run through things one last time, while giving your child a quick checkup to make sure they are ready for their new adventures.