Should I call my pediatric practice when I’m worried?

A pediatrician doesn’t need to be called at every occurrence that parents worry about. Babies grow and change quickly, especially in the first few weeks. Many of the things, which happen during these times, are normal and don’t need parents to contact their Gastonia NC kid’s doctor every time.  Here is some useful information of what babies go through in their first few weeks.

Feeding habits of babies in Gastonia NC

Even before a baby is born, a local pediatrician will have paid a visit to the mother and run through all she needs to know about feeding for the first time. Breastfeeding needs to be done on demand when the baby is hungry. This can be on a schedule of 1-2 hours right from the start of feeding.

Once milk supplies are established, there will be predictable patterns forming and a baby can feed between 8-12 times per day. Some babies can have several growth spurts during their first few months. These growth spurts are normal, but can be exhausting.

Gastonia NC pediatrician explains spit up

New parents often worry about spit up, and the staff at Gastonia Pediatrics have seen their fair share when parents pay a visit to find there is nothing wrong with this natural occurrence. Spit up (Gastroesophageal reflux) is when contents of the stomach move toward the esophagus and is common in newborns.

This reflux happens for several reasons

  • Under developed sphincters at the end of the esophagus loosen and allow stomach contents to rise up.
  • Babies swallow air when gulping or crying, when they burp, it brings milk up with it.
  • Overfeeding, although they may be hungry, they can easily drink too much milk and it overflows the stomach
  • Changes of position can make milk flow into the esophagus 

Poop problems in newborns

This can be one of the most frustrating times for new parents. This can take on many different kinds of worries and conversations if it is your first baby. Babies who breastfeed can poop with every feeding up to the first eight weeks. The reason for this is the colostrum content in milk.

Once this compound ceases to be a part of the diet, and then the frequency of poops dries up. This can be the first reason a parent takes their child to see a pediatrician as some babies may refrain from pooping for up to one week. This is nothing to worry about and is natural in some instances.

Babies who are formula fed can sometimes struggle, and this can be a cause to visit your local Gastonia NC pediatrician for advice on baby constipation.

Finding the right Gastonia NC pediatric practice for newborns

New parents should already have a pediatrician in place before they give birth, so if you are expecting, or you just want to get things in order for when your time comes, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates to make yourself familiar with your child’s intended pediatrician.

Gastonia Pediatric Associates is available around the clock for advice, and a quick visit to the local pediatric practice can put new parents minds at ease.