Pediatrician helps prevent injury for your child

Gastonia’s best pediatrician understands the need to keep your child safe since it is your responsibility as a parent. Our pediatricians are interested in keeping your kids healthy, just like responsible parents, and this includes assisting your children in staying safe while riding their bikes.

Bicycle accidents have grown by 6% in recent years, according to the National Safety Council, which is probably a result of increased traffic, urban population density, and a number of other factors. Your children are one of the 80 million cyclists who now share the road with automobiles.

Your pediatrician suggests the following strategies for teaching bicycle safety to your kids:

Make sure your child is visible to other drivers

In addition to texting while driving, there are a few other things that can prevent a driver from seeing your youngster on the road. Children compete for a driver’s attention with other road distractions like traffic lights, construction, and more because they are typically lower in the driver’s line of sight. You may prevent accidents by dressing your kids in vivid colors, or even by having them wear a bright safety vest while riding. This will draw notice to them from other drivers. Additionally, make sure your child’s bike has reflectors on the seat, handlebars, and maybe the front and back of the pedals.

Encourage the use of helmets

If a vehicle hits them unintentionally, a helmet can lessen head injuries and protect the brain. When worn, a helmet should not wobble more than an inch and should be fastened beneath the chin. As soon as they begin riding scooters or tricycles or if they are a passenger on the back of an adult’s bike, make sure your kids are wearing helmets. If they develop the habit of always wearing helmets when riding anything with wheels, it will last a lifetime. But it’s never too late to equip your kids with helmets.

The best way for kids to learn is to watch you. Wear a helmet every time you ride a bike. To further drive home the point, organize family bike rides where everyone wears helmets. Riding with an adult wearing a helmet is the most effective way to get kids to wear helmets.

Teach them to be proactive cyclists

Teach your kids to be alert for parked automobiles that might open their doors, road hazards, typical traffic patterns, and traffic laws when they are riding. This can be a preparation for them to learn how to drive and will provide them insight into what motorists are most likely to do, enabling them to behave appropriately when bicycling.

Work with Gastonia’s best pediatrician

Learning to cycle is an important milestone for your child. Work with the best pediatrician in Gastonia for the best results. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.