What is torticollis?

A pediatrician can see newborns after a nine-month slumber in narrow wombs. For some newborns, they enter the world with the equivalent of a stiff neck, called torticollis.

Despite pediatricians not understanding the full cause, they think the location of the fetus while in the uterus is likely to add to the curved neck, and using forceps during birth. Whichever explanation is given, the diagnosis is positive, and most children recuperate after birth.

Pediatric occupational therapists and Gastonia Pediatrics staff enjoy working with babies and parents alike to help relax these small neck muscles and offer relief from stiffness and deformities, as well as making sure that babies continue to develop.

How does a Gastonia, NC pediatrician spot torticollis?

Since children are not yet able to talk, they are unable to tell us that they have pain in the neck, so it is up to their pediatrician to examine them so they can identify something unusual. If your child has torticollis, it can:

  • Struggle to turn its head both ways
  • Prefers one breast above the other when breastfeeding
  • Looks in one direction or over one shoulder
  • They do not turn to acknowledge you
  • They can form a flat spot from laying in one position all the time

How parents can help children with torticollis

Repositioning your baby on every occasion and mild stretching exercises can support your baby’s neck muscles, relax them, and release them, as well as how to behave.

Always consult a licensed Gastonia, NC pediatrician, before you undertake any stretching exercises, but try out the accompanying procedures at home. While on their backs is still the best thing for your baby’s sleep, changing things over for short breaks while they play can work wonders for enhancing their neck muscles.

Try allowing the baby to lay on their stomach with you on the side they are avoiding.  Speak, laugh, make silly noises, and make stupid noises to attract attention and train your baby to rotate to the tightest side. Avoid overdoing it; ten or fifteen minutes a day helps strengthen the muscles and prepares your baby for crawling.

Seeking the right pediatric clinic in Gastonia, NC for torticollis

Don’t be discouraged if you have struggled to help your child overcome his or her torticollis symptoms at home with little success. Most babies require occupational therapy from their pediatricians to help them exercise tense muscles and strengthen the frail side of their body.

You should preferably start therapy as early as possible to help your toddler avoid potential torticollis complications. An ideal pediatric clinic will have a pediatrician who can accommodate your child outside regular hours if required.

Gastonia Pediatrics is a renowned clinic offering medical advice 24 hours a day. If you are looking for the best doctor for your child, or simply need pediatric information, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates.

The supporting staff can go through all you need to know to make sure your child is getting the best treatment for their stiff neck.