Are you wondering when you should pay a visit to the local pediatrician?

Choose a pediatrician in Gastonia, NC

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Choose a pediatrician as soon as you get confirmation you are pregnant, and it can save plenty of stress later. It is an exciting time and like a whirlwind hitting you when you find out you are pregnant. You will have plenty to think about while the bump gets bigger and bigger. From the color of the nursery, to should you let your child sleep in the same bed?

There are hard decision to make, but none are as critical as the concerns over their health. This includes the time you are pregnant to the day you give birth and beyond. It is never too soon to find the best pediatrician in Gastonia NC who can serve you well.

How to choose a pediatrician in Gastonia NC

Many pediatric clinics in the area will care for you and your child. But, as a proud parent, not just any kid’s doctor will do. You need a gentle and compassionate pediatrician such as the ones you can find in Gastonia Pediatrics. They have spent many years taking care of soon to be mothers and newborn children.

The pediatricians in the clinic take the time to get to know you and your child as a family, and not merely another patient. You will quickly find, the first two years of your baby’s life are the most crucial, and it is good to know that when you choose a pediatrician, they will be with you all the way.

What are the stages of pediatric care after birth?

The first Gastonia NC pediatrician will visit a few days after you give birth. This visit is vital as it gives your kid’s doctor a chance to make sure everything is functioning as it should.

Pediatricians will check reflexes to hearing along with weight and height. These are the first recordings they will use for the next few years to monitor progress. After the kid’s doctor has finished a check-up, this is the time for the new parents to ask questions about stages of development, habits your child will have and most importantly, feeding schedules.

How often will my child be seeing their Gastonia NC pediatrician?

When you choose a pediatrician, they will see your child every couple of months before these times become much longer in between the visit to the local children’s clinic. This can change if there are any health concerns, but by the time your child reaches 3 years old, they will only need to visit the local pediatric practice once per year.

Gastonia Pediatric Associates are waiting for any expectant mothers to call them because the pediatricians in the clinic know all too well that it is never too soon to choose a pediatrician who is there 24/7 for all their children’s needs.