My child is feeling ill and I don’t know why

A pediatrician in Gastonia, NC will be one of the more experienced staff who works in a local pediatrics clinic. They will be able to examine a child and determine if their fever is something serious or just a bug they have picked up from their friends.

If you are worried your child appears to be ill, and you are unsure what their feeling is from. Find out more what could be the issue and what you can do to help your child.

Visiting a Gastonia, NC pediatrician with a fevered child

Depending on the age of your child, fevers can determine different thing.  It can take a trip to your kid’s doctor to find it is not as serious as it appears, yet if it is too high, then it can be harmful or risky. On many cases, a fever can be one of the symptoms of an illness, and the body is fighting this. Other times children have a fever can be from something as simple as being overdressed and overheating.

A Gastonia, NC kid’s doctor can teach how to temperature check

Not every person may have access to a thermometer when they need it. A pediatrician can teach parents how to quickly check a child’s temperature.

Lightly touching a child’s forehead can give an indication if there is a temperature. If it is hot to the touch, then there may be the chance they have a fever. If you have access to a thermometer, and a temperature is over 100% Fahrenheit, then there is an issue for concern.

Children should just be covered with light blankets, and the surrounding environment should be an even temperature. Children should rest while drinking plenty of water to remain hydrated. A parent shouldn’t focus on lowering a child’s temperature. It could be the time to think about calling the local pediatrics clinic.

Children with flu see their pediatrician

Children from all manner of places can pick up many ailments. Tonsillitis is an infection, yet the flu is more common and can be passed quickly from one child to another. The flu symptoms will be easy to spot, yet if they have something such as tonsillitis, then parents may not understand what to look for.

If children have a fever from the flu or they struggle to swallow, then you should be ready to take them to your local Gastonia NC pediatrics clinic. A child needs to eat soft foods and plenty of liquids to ease swallowing.

Finding a Gastonia, NC pediatrics clinic

If you have a pediatrician already, then it can be a usual call top the local clinic. However, if you don’t have one, it is advisable to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates.

Even if you just need advice, they are always available around the clock for emergencies. If children show any symptoms you are unsure, a skilled pediatrician can help put your mind at ease.

If possible, it doesn’t hurt to have a checkup for your child to be safe. The pediatrics specialists in the pediatrics clinic will be able to put your mind at ease.