How can I spot ADHD in my child?

Physical issues are not the only thing a pediatrician will see a child for in their life. They can also help with mental and behavioral conditions, including the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD.

It can be hard when your child shows some actions new parents don’t think are natural. A child can struggle to focus and concentrate; they can be impulsive, lack of attention, or be full of hyperactivity. If you see any of these flags, then schedule them in to see your local pediatrician in Gastonia Pediatrics. You can learn more here about this condition before you contact the local clinic.

Lack of attention is one symptom a Gastonia, NC pediatrician will spot

When your child daydreams a lot or doesn’t pay attention, he or she may struggle to listen, become distracted, carelessly make mistakes, cannot complete tasks, and be so disorganized that they lose or forget the important things.

For children with ADHD, you must understand they can pay attention; it is just tougher with subjects they are not interested in. Children with ADHD may stop paying attention once their tasks are repetitive. It is essential to work with them to organize their assignments and schoolwork. Attempt to create a calm environment for them to work in.

Impulsiveness in Gastonia, NC

A pediatrician will show you that your children can act without thinking. They are prone to interrupting others, and they have a hard time waiting for their turn. Children who have ADHD experience self-control issues, leading to the impulsive characteristics mentioned above.

They find it more difficult to censor themselves. As a result, they invade other people’s personal space, or they ask personal questions.  Impulsiveness issues can also lead to moodiness and overreaction.

Children show hyperactivity in Gastonia, NC pediatric clinic

Younger children often have increased energy levels. Only when your child appears to be moving, can it be a hyperactivity problem. Once they are sitting still, they continue to stir. Tapping fingers, shaking legs, or wiggling feet may occur.

Diagnosing ADHD with Gastonia, NC kid’s doctor

The diagnosis is not made right away, and there are many steps in the process before they can make an accurate assessment. The pediatrician will want to get feedback from not only you and your child but also from the other caregivers and teachers.

When you meet with your pediatrician, they may want you and others to fill out an assessment questionnaire regarding your child’s behavioral issues. The signs must be clear in several settings, including home and school, and causing trouble in both.

The criteria vary depending on the age of your child, so there is no one size fits all. The pediatrician can work with you to develop an accurate picture of your child’s behavior.

It’s never too late or too soon to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and you will find this better sooner in the cases of ADHD symptoms. If left, it can cause significant unrest and make it harder for your pediatrician to come up with a plan.

The staff is there to deliver the best advice, and the local pediatrician will be able to help no matter what time, 24/7, they are available to help offer advice for ear infections and to make things comfortable for your kids.