Is it hard talking to your kids?

A pediatrician can do more than just a doctor. They are a valuable reference source and can easily understand children or adolescents. Teenagers occasionally have health problems that they need to talk about.

The first clue your pediatrician in Gastonia NC will give you for talking to teenagers about health issues is that they must see you as an adult. That doesn’t mean claiming authority. If the conversation requires some control, each parent should control themselves first.

Being seen as the grownup means not trying too hard to sound cool. This results in wincing and produces the impression parents need their child’s approval. It also means to not always agree with every single expression of emotion. Read on for more about communicating with your children, or using your local pediatrician as a go-between.

Pediatric advice to communicate with adolescents in Gastonia NC

Adolescents will, most times, defend themselves against their problems. The best way in which every parent can deal with a defensive child is not to present it as too strong. Your child’s doctor will recommend that you resist any attempt to make things too personal.

An excellent example is that if you have concerns about your child’s weight, don’t focus on any discussion that concerns his or her weight. It is better to lean back and talk more about healthy eating habits and regular exercise. The last thing any parent should do is make it sound like a lecture. If children can’t understand in a minute or less, trying to explain it for a long time won’t do any good.

Talking to children about health matters is an ability, which is why pediatricians are so good at it. Parents may never come into contact with this situation until they have a baby, but the local pediatrician will do it day after day. Teenagers need advice from older and more experienced people. 

Gastonia NC pediatrics welcome all family members

Pediatricians at the local clinic welcome both parents and children. Sometimes, when the children are old enough, there is no requirement for parents to accompany them. This makes the child feel calmer, and they know that they can talk about everything without peer pressure and without being judged.

To make sure your kids are comfortable with their pediatrician, you can take them to Gastonia Pediatric Associates so they can become acquainted with their child’s doctor. If they cannot visit, the staff in the clinic are available around the clock 24/7 and can deliver the best advice by another means.