How should I feed my new baby?

A pediatrician in Gastonia NC will follow the recommendations to breastfeed babies for the first six months. This will be followed by both breastfeeding and complementary foods. Babies should be nursed until they are 12 months old or beyond because there are many benefits of doing so.

When mothers decide to breastfeed, they do need to receive the full support. This choice is personal, and the methods should be discussed in the pediatric practice before the birth of the baby. 

When should I avoid breastfeeding my baby?

There are some circumstances when a mother should avoid breastfeeding their baby. The staff at Gastonia Pediatrics can explain all this before the birth or during one of the early visits.

Here are the instances a pediatrician will advise there shouldn’t be any breastfeeding.

  • Babies should not be breastfed if they have galactosemia. They will need a special formula that is easy for them to properly digest.
  • Any mothers who use illegal drugs and marijuana should avoid breastfeeding
  • Alcohol may be consumed as long as it is over 2 hours before the babies next feeding.
  • Mothers who unfortunately have HIV are discouraged from breastfeeding their children.

Can a pediatrician explain how I know my baby is getting enough?

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC will explain what new mothers can expect to see once they start breastfeeding their baby’s.

  • There should be one diaper per day that is wet until around the fourth day when the milk goes through the system. Poop will look black like tar to begin with and then begin to turn yellow.
  • A child’s doctor may weigh a baby to make sure they see a decent gain in weight.
  • Babies who have a jaundiced appearance should be taken to the local pediatric practice. Gastonia Pediatrics are available around the clock for such occurrences.
  • Babies should be fed until they are full, this may need both sides to be used if they are very hungry

What about supplements and medication when breastfeeding?

A pediatrician can on occasion recommend babies be supplemented. Mothers should know what dosage this is. Either way, a baby needs to extract all the milk they can as this aids supply and demand of milk production.

Mothers can find that any prescription or over the counter medications are considered safe during breastfeeding. Nevertheless, some medications may have side effects, and may affect production of milk as well as an effect on your baby.

How to get the best advice about breast-feeding in Gastonia NC

Well before giving birth, a lot of the things regarding breastfeeding will already be found out. For parents who are yet to find their local pediatric clinic, it can be much easier than they think.

If you are seeking a pediatrician, you may contact the support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Gastonia Pediatric Associates are there to offer assistance and advice regarding breastfeeding or any other issues new parents may face.