Pediatric practice in Gastonia NC explains that white lines or spots occur on your finger or toenails when you have leukonychia. This is a relatively frequent problem that is entirely harmless. These spots appear in many healthy individuals at some time in their life. The white specks may look like little dots scattered around the nail for some folks.

Causes of leukonychia

Pediatric practice notes that it is not uncommon for your kid to have white spots or dots on your nails. They may be caused by various factors like a reaction to allergens, infection with a fungus, injuries to the nails, deficiency in minerals, pneumonia, infection, heart disease, etc.

Symptoms of leukonychia

Pediatric practice explains that leukonychia symptoms may include dots the size of a pen tip, individual dots that are larger, etc. The appearance of white spots on your nail may be determined by the source of the spots. A huge white dot in the center of the nail might be caused by nail damage. Several dots may appear on the nail due to an allergic response. The appearance of the white spots or lines on each nail may vary. Depending on the source of the white spots, you may have other indications or symptoms.

Diagnosis of leukonychia

Pediatric practice in Gastonia, NC, diagnose that if your child’s white spots are uncommon and you believe they’re caused by an injury, you may not need to visit a doctor about them. Be extra cautious to prevent harm or discontinue the conduct you believe is causing the problem. If the spots don’t go away or become worse, it’s time to consult your doctor. Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the white spots, you can quickly cure them.

Treatment of leukonychia

Your Gastonia Pediatric Associates doctor will examine your child’s nails, hands, or feet during your appointment. They may make a diagnosis and write a prescription based on their observations. If they’re unsure about the diagnosis, they might ask for several tests to rule out other possibilities.

Don’t be concerned if you’ve observed the spots and are worried. A brief trip to the doctor may help you figure out what’s causing the dots and address any other queries you might have. The majority of treatments are quick and successful.

Top pediatric practice in Gastonia NC and leukonychia

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