Pediatric practice, in Gastonia NC, understands that because of the high temperatures in tropical places, malaria is a prevalent illness. It may also occur in temperate areas but on a very rare occasion. Malaria may produce a moderate disease in some individuals and a life-threatening condition in others, depending on their genetic makeup. Malaria may be cured if it is adequately treated. Planning a trip to a tropical area? Read on.

What are the causes of Malaria?

Pediatric practice diagnoses that malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted by mosquitoes. The parasite is transmitted to the insects when they bite someone who is already infected with the sickness. When mosquitoes bite other individuals, malaria is spread to them as well as to other people.

Malaria may be transmitted from person to person on a rare occasion, such as from mother to child in the case of “congenital malaria,” or by blood transfusion, organ donation, or the sharing of needles.

Signs and symptoms of malaria

Early signs and symptoms of malaria might include irritability and tiredness, as well as a lack of appetite and sleep difficulties. Chills are frequently followed by a temperature and rapid breathing, and then a fever and rapid breathing. The fever may develop gradually over one to two days or may spike very rapidly to 105°F (40.6°C) or higher in a matter of minutes.

Pediatric practice in Gastonia NC denotes those other signs and symptoms of malaria include a headache, nausea, ache, and pains throughout the body, and a huge spleen, among others. If malaria affects the brain, a person may have convulsions or even lose consciousness as a result. In certain situations, the kidneys might also be harmed by this condition.

Is it possible to prevent malaria?

The pediatric practice brought up mosquito-control initiatives, which attempt to eliminate the mosquitoes that transmit the illness. If you are traveling to a global region where there is a significant danger of malaria, you may protect your home by installing window screens, using insect repellents, and draping mosquito netting over your bed. The use of insecticide-treated bed netting has been shown to reduce the rate of malaria mortality among African children significantly.

Your Gastonia Pediatric Associates doctor may prescribe anti-malarial medications to your family to avoid the illness, which must be taken before departure.

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