Pediatric practice in Gastonia NC notes that diaper rash can be minor in some cases. Fortunately, some creams and ointments may be used to treat the condition, as well as diapering knowledge that can be used to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Suggestions for treating diaper rash

The pediatric practice advises that diaper rash may be avoided by following simple instructions. Before and after every diaper change, wash your hands thoroughly.  Maintain regular inspection of your baby’s diaper, and change it immediately if it becomes moist or dirty.

If you must use wipes, make sure they are mild. Try to stay away from products that include scents or alcohol. Alternatively, a clean, soft washcloth may be used. Before putting on a new diaper, make sure that the area is fully clean and dry first. Extra precautions must be used in the case of severe rashes. Wash the area well with a spray bottle, being careful not to irritate the painful skin. Allow your infant to be diaper-free for as long as possible.

Pediatric practice gives tips on changing diapers

Some parents in Gastonia, NC, have discovered that certain modifications result in fewer diaper rashes. Change the sort of diaper you’re using. If you usually use cloth, consider switching to disposables. Alternatively, you might try a new brand of disposable diapers. If you wash your cloth diapers, you need to switch to a different detergent. Make use of a moderate, hypoallergenic laundry detergent. As an alternative, add ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.

Recommendations on when you should visit the doctor for diaper rash

  • Inform your baby’s pediatrician if any of the following occur:
  • Your infant develops a temperature or seems to be in a state of exhaustion.
  • The lumps (pustules) are yellow and packed with fluid, whereas the crusty portions are honey-colored. This might be a bacterial infection that necessitates the use of antibiotics.
  • If your child has rashes with white scales and lesions on a bloated red background
  • The skin around the diaper region is dotted with tiny red pimples.

Plan with your Gastonia Pediatric Associates ahead of time. Learn how to avoid diaper rash and how to cure it if it occurs. Your baby’s tiny bottom will be eternally grateful to you

Top pediatric practice in Gastonia and your baby’s rash

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