Your pediatric practice will help you understand childhood illnesses and when it’s important to consult a pediatrician. Your local Gastonia pediatric practice will educate you about “Whitlow”- an infection of the skin. Whitlow seldom affects the toes and nail cuticle. Whitlow is always very painful. Also, whitlow can either be herpetic or acute. Herpetic whitlow occurs when blisters develop on the child’s finger as a result of viruses. The blisters or sores are always painful and develop after contact with a contagious sore.

Symptoms of herpetic whitlow

Your Gastonia NC area pediatric practice notes that herpetic whitlow can develop in any finger. However, the blister in the finger is a common symptom of the herpetic whitlow. Before the blister form, the contaminated finger may become swollen or red. The symptoms of the herpetic whitlow can develop about a week or two after one is exposed to the virus. Also, for the blisters to heal, it can take up to three weeks. Eventually, the blister ruptures then form a shallow ulcer.

A person contaminated by the herpetic whitlow may experience a tingling or burning pain worse than what is expected from blisters. It is always too painful and sometimes reduces the normal functioning of the infected person. Participating in some activities may be impossible. Also, it can lead to swollen lymph nodes and fever. While the recurrent outbreak is possible after a prior episode; It is not always typical for the condition to occur again after an initial attack. However, even when it happens again, it will not be as severe as the initial outbreak because of the antibodies developed in the body to combat the virus. Also, recurrent bouts of the herpetic whitlow will heal faster as compared to the initial attack.

Diagnosis of herpetic whitlow

Pediatric practice explains that the appearance of blisters or sores on the finger is not always something to bother about. Sores in the finger can be attributed to many causes. It can be a result of insect bite, friction, burn, or injury. While these conditions can be painful sometimes, they are not as painful as the herpetic whitlow. Also, they can heal on their own without any medical diagnosis. However, when one develops painful pus, also known as an abscess, on any finger and cannot figure out the cause of the discomfort, the best thing the person can do is to talk to a doctor. The doctor will look at the condition to determine what exactly it is. If the doctor, after studying these, suspects the cause of discomfort to be a virus, a blood test or skin swab is necessary to either rule out or confirm the condition to herpetic whitlow.

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