Pediatric practice experts in Gastonia NC say small airways in the lung become inflamed and congested due to bronchiolitis. Bronchitis is most common during the winter months when temperatures are lowest.

Symptoms of bronchiolitis

Pediatric practice notices that the symptoms of bronchiolitis begin with those of a regular cold but escalate to coughing, wheezing, and occasionally trouble to breathe as the disease advances. The symptoms of bronchiolitis may persist anywhere from a few days to many weeks.


Pediatric experts say to avoid the transmission of the viruses that cause bronchiolitis, one of the most effective prevention methods involves regular hand washing — particularly before handling your infant when you have a cold or another respiratory disease. It is advisable to use a face mask throughout this period.

People who are sick with a fever or a cold should avoid contact with their kids. If your kid is a newborn, mainly if they are preterm, avoid exposing them to individuals who have colds, especially during the first two months of life. Surfaces and items such as toys and doorknobs should be cleaned and disinfected. This is particularly vital if a member of the family is ailing.

Coughs and sneezes should be covered. Tissues should be used to protect your mouth and nose. After that, toss away the tissue and wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands. Make use of your drinking vessel. Sharing glasses with others is not a good idea, mainly if someone in your family is sick.

When should you see the doctor?

Pediatricians advise that if it’s challenging to persuade your kid to eat or drink, and their breathing becomes more fast or laborious, rush your kid to the Gastonia Pediatric Associates children clinic right away for assistance. This is particularly crucial if your kid is less than 12 weeks old or if they have additional risk factors for bronchiolitis, such as being born prematurely or having a heart or lung disorder. The following indications and symptoms indicate that you should seek medical assistance right away:

  • Wheezing noises may be heard.
  • Breathing extremely quickly (more than 60 breaths per minute) and shallowly Labored breathing (the ribs seem to draw inward as the newborn inhales) are both signs of premature birth.
  • Inability to drink enough water or to breathe too quickly to consume food or drink

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