Pediatric practice experts in Gastonia NC talk to parents about how every child is entitled to quality healthcare. Being a parent, it is necessary to know about the common diseases and infections that may affect your child. It also helps to know about the updated treatment regimens that can be used to care for your child when they fall ill so they can get the best possible healthcare service.

Common infections and diseases and recommended treatment

The pediatric practice has listed sore throat, ear pain, urinary tract infection, skin infection, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, common cold, and cough as possible infections and diseases that may plague a child.

Sore throats are very common in children. The child experiences pain and will not be able to swallow when this occurs. In cases where the sore throat occurs as a result of a virus, antibiotics are not needed. No specific medication is needed, and the child should recover in about 7 to 10 days. Sore throat is caused by Streptococcal infection. The pediatrician will be in a better position to give proper diagnosis and treatment.

Ear pain can be caused by otitis media (an ear infection)., infection of the skin present in the ear canal (swimmer’s ear), sinus infection or pressure caused by a cold, toothache that may affect the jaw and eventually affect the ear, and other possible causes. If the ear pain is accompanied by a high fever, the pediatrician may settle with antibiotics like Amoxicillin.

Urinary Tract infections are also called Bladder Infections. The symptoms include frequent and urgent urination, burning or pain during urination, back or side pain, bedwetting, or abdominal pain. The pediatrician will require a urine sample so a urinary tract infection test can be done. For skin infections, a skin test will be required. Bronchitis can be used in the description of chest virus. It does not need antibiotics. The pediatrician will carry out a test.

Bronchiolitis is common in babies and young children. The child will be made comfortable and closely monitored for any challenges with eating, breathing, or any signal that the child is dehydrated. Common cold, cough, and pain can be treated through diagnosis and monitoring.

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