Pediatric practice in Gastonia NC says some toothaches are caused by transient gum inflammation. Severe toothaches, on the other hand, need the attention of a dental expert to alleviate the discomfort and address the underlying issue.

What is a toothache, and how do you get rid of it?

A local Gastonia pediatric practice defines toothache as pain that occurs in or around a tooth. Minor toothaches may be caused by a brief gum inflammation, which you can treat at home if the pain persists. More severe toothaches are caused by dental and oral issues that will not resolve on their own and will need the services of a dentist to be resolved.

What is causing my child’s toothache?

Pediatric practice says the pulp of your tooth is a soft substance that is packed with nerves, tissues, and blood vessels that is found within your tooth. These pulp nerves are among the most sensitive in your body, located in the ear. These nerves can become inflamed or infected by bacteria (abscess), resulting in excruciating agony. Toothaches may be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • A tooth that has become infected (a bacterial infection inside the center of the tooth).
  • Fracture of a tooth (broken tooth).
  • A filler that has been ruined.
  • Motions that are repeated over and over again, such as chewing gum or grinding or clenching teeth These movements may cause your teeth to get worn down.
  • Gums that are infected.
  • An eruption (teeth that have come out of the gums) or the extraction of a tooth (for example, wisdom teeth).

What are the signs and symptoms of a toothache?

These are the possible signs of toothache in your child such as:

  • Throbbing or persistent tooth pain are all possible symptoms. Pressure is the sole thing that causes discomfort in some individuals when they bite down on their teeth (biting down on something).
  • Swelling of the gums surrounding the tooth.
  • Fever or a headache may occur.
  • Drainage from the affected tooth that has a foul taste.
  • A foul odor emanating from the mouth.

If you are a Charlotte, NC resident whose child is having difficulty breathing or swallowing as a result of your discomfort, contact a dental expert immediately.

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